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Dec 21, 2020

Our Kickass Boomer of the Day is Patti Talbot, EdD, a changemaker enthusiast, public educator, and rural innovation advocate. She is the current Chief Executive Officer of Blue-Roads Education Group, dedicated to honing students’ capacities to be global changemakers and rural innovators through inquiry-based educational methods. Her dream is to take the “blue roads” of America, which inspired her to establish her own educational company. Patti holds bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership at Virginia Tech. 

Join me in this episode and find out why Patti is a Kickass Boomer! 

[00:01 - 04:55] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Patti Talbot
  • Patti shares her background
  • She shares her dream as a public educator

[04:56 - 10:57] The Changemaker In You

  • Don’t miss Patti’s message to the Boomer Nation!
    • Find a purpose
  • Patti’s 52-week challenge to be a changemaker
    • The first step is about your homegrown self

[10:58 - 19:42] The Best Medicine 

  • Is gratitude a health or spiritual practice? 
  • Patti tells us how we can get rid of our fears
  • We talk about the benefits of laughter and humor

[19:43 - 26:07] A Global Thinking

  • We talk about the stories that are special to us
  • Patti shares the 3 other steps to be a changemaker

[26:08 - 27:39] Closing Segment 

  • How can the Boomer Nation connect with you? 
    • Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“Changemakers are born from the inside out. The work is first on ourselves.” - Patti Talbot

“Gratitude is actually a health practice.” - Patti Talbot


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