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Feb 26, 2024

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Running your business is no different than running your family. You need a daily plan or everything goes to hell.

I became a mom and an entrepreneur at the exact same time, April 29, 1985, at 8:52 p.m.

The moment they put that first baby in my arms I knew I was not going back to a J-O-B I hated, so I just started a business.

When I gave my notice to the company I worked for, they offered to put a computer in my house (in 1985 no one had home computers), make me an independent contract, increase my pay, put a computer in our home, and let me work from home. I was one of the original “telecommuters.”

I have started several businesses through the years, but my biggest business lessons came when I, purposefully, bought a bankrupt business in 2002 (a chocolate franchise).

I turned that business around in 12 months adding $100,000 to the bottom line. Four years later I bought a second bankrupt business (another chocolate franchise), and turned it around in less than 12 months adding slightly over $100,000 to the bottom line.
I started helping my fellow franchisees increase their revenue, and then small business owners.

I now work with service and retail businesses to help them turn around their business and increase their cash flow fast.

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