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Dec 27, 2021

Our Kickass Boomer of the Day is James Klopovic. After retiring as Major Klopovic from the United States Air Force and earning a Doctor of Public Policy (DPP), James completed 45 years of experience in the public sector, providing leadership at federal, state, and local levels. 

For 25 of those years, he served as a senior staffer on the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission, where his responsibilities encompassed strategic planning, municipal governance, financial development, federal granting, and community and organiza­tional development, implementation, and evaluation.

Join me in this episode and learn why James is a Kickass Boomer! 

[00:01 - 05:42] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know James Klopovic
  • Why words matter a lot to him

[05:43 - 10:30] A New Wave Leader

  • James talks about his life-changing career pivot
  • Hear his advice to be a “New Wave Leader” in 2022
  • Learn his formula to know what to do next with your life

[10:31 - 20:06] How to Live a Life Worth Living

  • The philosophy that all baby boomers should follow
  • James tells us the lessons he learned from recovering from his injury
  • He talks about the importance of taking care of the body

[20:07 - 25:06] Care About the Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • James gives an interesting thought about virtues
  • The reasons boomers should practice humility
  • The connection among body, mind, and spirit

[25:07 - 35:38] Obstacles are Needed

  • Why people should learn what is right and wrong first
  • People should want obstacles to happen and here’s why
  • Here’s a story about dynamites that you’d not want to miss!

[35:39 - 41:13] How to Build a Legacy

  • It’s never too late for boomers to change their lives
    • Here’s why
  • The 5 ways to manage time according to James
  • Leisure has a major impact on legacy
    • James explains

[41:14 - 42:02] Closing Segment

  • Connect with James!
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“The way to attract those good people is with good character.” - James Klopovic

“Obstacles are the way. They’re not in the way.” - James Klopovic


Email to connect with James or follow him on LinkedIn. Visit Affinitas Publishing to learn sustainable public service programs that develop New Wave Leaders both in the public and private sectors.


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