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Jun 28, 2021

Our Kickass Boomer of the Day is none other than the “Queen of Courage,” Sharon Rolph. As a behavioral scientist and knowledge manager, she specializes in Essence and Retirement Coaching to bring out the best in people. In this episode, we will talk about her upcoming book, “FRESH COURAGE in Retirement: Finding Purpose, Essence and Fulfillment.” 

Sharon will also discuss the importance of defining your “essence statement,” helping her clients recognize the gift they are to the world, celebrate their uniqueness, and easily move into making choices and taking action that aligns with their inner self. 

Join me in this episode and learn why Sharon is a Kickass Boomer! 

[00:01 - 05:09] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome Sharon Rolph
    • Why she turned into an Essence and Retirement Coach 
  • Having pets over having children
    • What’s the difference?

[05:10 - 14:58] Helping Your Own Community 

  • What boomers don’t realize when they retire 
  • Sharon’s inspiration in writing her first book 
  • An example of doing something worthwhile 

[14:59 - 24:12] “Voluntourism”

  • Taking the first step to know the next steps 
  • A line from the movie, “Lion King” you should know
  • Sharon explains the concept of “voluntourism”

[24:13 - 32:47] Effortless Vitality 

  • Why we should find our own passion 
  • Sharon explains the meaning behind “Effortless Vitality”
  • She gives us a sneak peek about her upcoming book, “Fresh Courage”

[32:48 - 40:16] Closing Segment 

  • Sharon talks about her evening routine you can try too
  • How can the Boomer Nation connect with you? 
    • Links below
  • Final announcements 

Tweetable Quotes:

“You decide what stops you.” - Sharon Rolph

“As long as you’re curious and think about possibilities, there’s a world waiting for us.” - Sharon Rolph


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Email to connect with Sharon or follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out Effortless Vitality and learn how to transition from a human "doing" into a human "being!"

Her new book “FRESH COURAGE in Retirement: Finding Purpose, Essence and Fulfillment” will be launched in about 6 weeks. 



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