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Dec 5, 2022

Trigger Warning: This episode contain words such as suicide, depression and other words that are related to self-harm.


Randy Alexander grew up in the Florida town of Punta Gorda. He Graduated from Charlotte Senior High School in 1973, joined the US Air Force in November 1973, and served with honor until January 1978, when he was honorably discharged. Randy was then accepted and attended  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the top school for aviation education. He got a B.S. in Aviation Management and was given "The Distinguished Alumni Service Award'' for what he did as a student and after he graduated. He worked in corporate aviation sales and marketing for over 10 years. After a life-threatening diagnosis, he then worked as a health advocate for more than 15 years and has worked as a business development consultant in the private and public sectors for more than 20 years.

Join me in this episode and learn why Randy Alexander is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 23:50] From Dying to Surviving and now Thriving

  • Randy shares about his background 
  • Finding out he had 3 genetic disorders in his 30’s and was told that he had only 6 months to live 
  • Losing everything and living back with his parents 
  • Finding people who had the same genetic disorders as him and creating attention
  • Running into a lot of bureaucracy  trying to fund research for these disorders 
  • Suffered pain, falling into depression and getting treatment 

[23:51 - 30:31 ] Being a Spokesperson for Hemochromatosis

  • Appearing on tv and raising funds for the research for the disorder
  • Becoming a consult for various organizations 
  • Being invited to speak in front of a bloody safety and availability committee 
  • Went to Switzerland to speak in front of doctors and having his testimony written up in medical journals 

[30:32 - 55:51 ] Don’t Give Up 

  • Don’t go chasing material things 
  • Overcoming depression and pulling himself out of the fire
  • Growing up in a negative household to changing the world 
  • From fighting a blood condition to fighting cancer 
  • Understand when your body is not feeling well 
  • Going through different types of treatment for cancer

[55:51 - 30:24] Closing Segment 

  • Randy talks about his website and products he is promoting 
  • Having knowledge and knowledge doesn’t go away
  • Final words 

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Tweetable Quote:

“There is a fire that rests inside of you, every one of you.There's a fire there and you have got to pull down and get into that fire and you can do fantastic things.” - Randy Alexander



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Disclaimer: Any medical information shared in this episode is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of a consultation with a Doctor and/or Medical Professional.