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Oct 3, 2022

From overcoming childhood traumas to writing for magazine publications and opening a talent agency in Japan, Elise Krentzel shares how when learning to heal from our past, we can not only find opportunities to become a better version of ourselves but inspire others to live the lives they truly want.


Elise Krentzel began writing and traveling the globe as a teenager. First published at 17 in rock magazines in the USA and Canada, she went on to achieve many firsts. She introduced punk rock to the Japanese market, was the Tokyo Bureau Chief of Billboard Magazine, the first foreign DJ on FM radio in Japan, and later founded a digital travel publishing company with GPS in the pre-internet days. She blogged before it was a "thing". She runs a PR and Editorial agency, ghostwrites non-fiction, and coaches up-and-coming badass young women. Her greatest joy is her son and helping others heal their trauma. Elise is currently working on book number two in her trilogy.

Join me in this episode and learn why Elise Krentzel is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 11:00] Achieving Success at an Early Age

  • Elise opens up about her experience growing up in a troubled home
  • Drawing humor and inspiration from past experiences and expressing them through writing
  • Writing for publications and touring with KISS as a freelance journalist
  • Building a talent and booking agency in Japan

[11:01 - 26:11] Getting Through Hurt and Finding Healing

  • Guided by intuition but blinded by the idealistic fantasy of love
  • Being decisive about our motive and understanding that sacrifice is to love without expectation of a return
  • Using a unique method of meditation to find healing from past traumas


[26:12 - 40:12] Changing One's Perspective Unlocks Opportunities

  • Overcoming the fear of living in poverty
  • Learning new things is something that can be done at any age
  • Becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world 

[40:13 - 42:51] Closing Segment

  • I used to be a drama queen, now I'm just a queen!
  • Connect with Elise Krentzel and where to get her books
  • Links Below
  • Final Words

Connect with Elise Krentzel

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“We also have to be vigilant about our motivation. Sacrifice does not mean giving everything up for others. The meaning of sacrifice is to be loving without the expectation of a reward.” - Elise Krentzel




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