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Aug 30, 2021

Our Kickass Boomer of the Day is Laurie Hermance-Moore, Accredited Genealogist® and Founder of Heritage Bridge. She serves her clients by looking for elusive records that can help them trace their family history and connect with people who matter to them. 

Previously, she worked in digital marketing agencies for over two decades, serving other professionals at large companies. Laurie is living proof that Boomers can always try new things, regardless of their age, and that there are ways for people to learn their heritage no matter the circumstances. 

Join me in this episode and learn why Laurie is a Kickass Boomer! 

[00:01 - 06:21] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome Laurie Hermance-Moore
  • Laurie explains the truth about genealogy

[06:22 - 11:10] Tracing Family History

  • What people can find in old records according to Laurie
  • Laurie tells what makes genealogy so hard
  • Tracing a family through time
    • She shares her experience 

[11:11 - 21:06] Studying Genealogy 

  • Do you want to know how to be a lifelong learner?
    • Tty genealogy!
  • There might be something interesting in old railroad maps 
    • Listen to Laurie
  • Here’s a piece of advice from Laurie about studying genealogy

[21:07 - 31:21] Overcoming “Brick Walls”

  • Do you want to ask Laurie for help?
    • This is what you should know
  • Talk to your parents and older relatives now 
    • Here’s why 
  • Some practical tips to preserve family memorabilia 

[31:22 - 34:46] Closing Segment 

  • Connect with Laurie!
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 

Tweetable Quotes:

“[Genealogy] gives you a lot of opportunity to be a lifelong learner.” - Laurie Hermance-Moore

“It sticks with you a lot better when you can tie your own family to the history.” - Laurie Hermance-Moore


Resources mentioned:


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