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Oct 10, 2022

Gail Gensler is a pro-aging lifestyle model who is changing the way people think about age through fitness and embracing a healthy lifestyle from a "real woman's" perspective. Her life philosophy is that age shouldn't have any effect on how we live, how we look, or what kind of workouts we do. She is here to break down the barriers of institutional ageism and change how fitness brands see midlife women. In this age of inclusivity, we are not represented, and it is her goal to be the model representing this powerful demographic. This is the legacy she wants to leave.


Join me in this episode and learn why Gail Genslerl is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 08:51] Breaking Down the Barriers of Institutional Ageism

  • Gail started her mission when she saw that fitness people her age weren't shown on TV commercials
  • Finding a fitness network of incredibly active people her age
  • Changing the way people in midlife think and helping them feel welcome in the fitness community
  • Being an influencer in the space and contributing to fitness magazines

[08:52 - 20:40] Fitness Wear for the Midlife 

  • Creating fitness clothing that caters to not only fitness enthusiasts but also the masses 
  • Marketing fitness clothing to the midlife demographic
  • Being the model for midlife fitness enthusiasts and impacting the fitness space

[20:41 - 29:47] Defying Expectations

  • Having an attitude of trying something new and moving forward
  • Consistency and discipline is the key to a successful life 
  • Work on what you can control and create goals to help achieve it 
  • Final Words


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Tweetable Quote:

“ I like to try new things. And that's the attitude, right? That's an attitude of trying and just moving, having new adventures, experiencing different things, but most importantly, moving your body and doing something so that you can live a disease free vibrant life.” - Gail Gensler




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