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Apr 8, 2024

Connect with Janine Bolin

I started this OPEN Friday Coffee as a call-back to my days as a College Professor where I had OPEN OFFICE HOURS for my students. Since my online university now has 638 students enrolled in over 93 courses, I’ve taken to offering them an opportunity to join me for live Q&A. members, pop onto the zoom meeting and I’ll call on you after my students to see if we can’t get you on a podcast show or onto my radio show.

Please feel free to join Janine. This is how I first connected with Janine and made other valuable connections.

Janine's new book,"Published Profitability: The Author's Guide 2.0," is a valuable resource for any new or seasoned author.

There are so many ways to connect withJanine and get the help you need

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How to Promote Your Book - Virtually

Author Podcasting is a guide to the author who wishes to promote their book without coming off as salesy.  Inside you will discover:

  • How a media kit sets you apart as a professional guest for show hosts
  • What a media kit is and how to build it for podcast hosts’ best use
  • How to get onto more podcast programs. (I’ve included some email scripts)
  • A checklist of things to do after you’ve been on a podcast show that promotes you & your show host (a Win-Win-Win for you, the host and your audience!


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