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Jul 11, 2022

In Today’s Kickass Boomers we are joined by Kathryne Savage Imabayashi. Kathy is an educator, parent, and coach, residing in Fukuoka, Japan. During a rich career in education spanning four decades, she has been dedicated to empowering children, parents and teachers to be their best and do their best. Having experienced a variety of countries and cultures, both as a teacher and a school leader, her perspective of the critical role parents play in the life of a child has deeply impacted her mission.

Since retiring, she has been able to pursue her passion full time. In less than two years she has created a business (, published two on-line courses (The Blueprint:How to Intentionally Parent Your Son & The 7 SuperPowers Parents of Boys Need ), published a book and co-authoring another, and has  used social media to share  her knowledge of boys (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube).  


[00:26 – 09:26] Kathy’s Successful Reverse-Her-Vows Journey

  • Kathy is a Canadian nomad who has lived in Japan for 26 years in total.
  • She has 45 years of experience working with children in a variety of countries and cultures.
  • She decided to relocate to Japan after reading James Clavell’s book, Shogun, and feeling a deep calling to move there
  • During her last year in Japan before moving back to Canada, everything went wrong – her applications for university were lost, deadlines missed, payments not received. 

[09:26 – 18:35] Easygoing Woman finds her dream

  • Kathy chose to marry her partner and try to rewrite history and create the possibility to have a child.
  • Once Kathy was able to try and get pregnant, once that door was opened, her son came into their world very quickly.
  • Once again she had evidence of everything falling into place, just as it was meant to be. 
  • Her decision-making process has been guided by her experiences, which have included being an early years/elementary teacher in Canada, Japan and Lebanon and an administrator in Thailand, Georgia, Qatar and Japan.

[18:35 – 27:42] Resilience Prevails in Difficult Times

  • The years in administrative positions were very challenging, but from it she learned a lot about herself and about how to overcome challenges
  • Her last position in Hiroshima was a return to working in schools that were not for profit. She later retired to Itoshima, Japan.
  • She is grateful for all the negative experiences in her life because they have taught her lessons that she can use in her current situation

[27:42 – 35:00] This woman is sharing her wisdom on how to be a great parent even after you die.

  • Kathy published a book of advice for her son, to be read when he is on his own, for those times when he wonders, 'What would mom say? think?'
  • She felt that it was her responsibility as a parent to share this information with him.
  • Kathy has been busy creating content for social media and online courses to spread the word about her work.
  • The author feels that if she can keep putting out the light of her message, it will eventually fall on someone who needs it.

[35:00 – 48:39] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes

“You really have to trust your instincts and you have to reach out and learn more. You have to understand what’s out there and the more you educate yourself, the more aware you become.” – Kathryne Imabayashi