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Jun 13, 2022


Lisa E. Betz never intended to become a writer. She followed her love of math and science to a degree in mechanical engineering and a job at an aluminum manufacturing plant. (She knows the real reason aluminum foil is shiny on one side and dull on the other.)

After six years in the industry, parenthood led her to change jobs and become a high school substitute, which led to an opportunity to direct a high school play. Lisa’s directorial debut was a success, leading to a dozen more plays, everything from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, plus one pun-filled melodrama she wrote herself.

Looking back, Lisa can see how her unconventional path to authordom prepared her to create her quirky, unusual mysteries. Her years leading Bible studies gave her a deep understanding and appreciation for the first-century setting of her books. Her analytical, engineering mind helped her create complex, clever mystery plots. And her years directing high school plays. It gave her a deeper understanding of how to develop complex, lovable, sometimes snarky characters.

In addition to writing novels, Lisa speaks and blogs about living with authenticity and purpose. She also experiments with ancient Roman recipes, eats too much chocolate, and enjoys long walks in the woods. She and her husband live on a beautiful, wooded hillside on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with their rambunctious cat, Scallywag, who is the inspiration for Nemesis, the mischief-making cat who stalks the pages of the Livia Aemilia Mysteries.

Let’s hear her!


[00:02 - 08:40] Lisa Bets: From Engineer to Mystery Novel Writer 

  • Lisa Betz is an engineer turned mystery writer
  • She started taking correspondence courses on writing to fill the void in her life.
  • Lisa became a substitute teacher leading to her role as a school play director.
  • She couldn’t find a script for her school play she decided to write one.
  • When her children were growing up, she mainly volunteered for everything and got paid for it.
  • It gave her an idea and inspiration that she could write for other people. 
  • With Her Bible Study and History background, she wrote a strong female character that revolves around her time.
  • Getting published is just the first step; you have to market your book.
  • It's not easy to become a successful author, and you have to change your mindset from someone who dabbles in writing to someone who takes writing seriously.

[08:41 - 17:40 How to Live an Authentically Good Life

  • Lisa points out that being challenged and learning is good for the brain.
  • there are wonderful resources out there for whatever it is you want to learn
  • living authentically means living according to your core values
  • pursuing your God given purpose is more important than pleasing others
  • Lisa shares her blog Live Intentionally 
  • We are keeping our brains young by doing things we love with more freedom we have as boomers.
  • Sharing your talents with others is an important part of being authentic.
  • Laughing releases hormones that help you feel good and stay healthy.


[24:36 - 27:07] How to Find and Hire an Editor for Your Book

  • How a good editor can make your “OK” writing into an “Awesome” book.
  • Having an editor gives you the advantage of checking your plot and details.
  • Difference between a self-publish book and those that hire an editor.
  • Hiring a professional editor can help you market your book.


[22:00 - 32:47] Closing Segment

  • Lisa’s second book “Fountains and Secrets” will be available for free
    In Kindle from June 14 - 18. 
  • Connect with Lisa
    • Links below


Tweetable Quotes:


“Live Intentionally So it takes lots of intention each day to decide that these matters to me, these are my priorities, and not get sidetracked. It also takes intentions. in our modern society to be mindful of what's happening now, instead of rushing around.  All these good habits take intention. That’s why I say live intentionally.” - Lisa E. Betz


“So there are a lot of wonderful things that you can take up at any age, and the more different things that we allow ourselves to begin to learn about, the more creativity and the more we keep our brains young. - Lisa E. Betz


“ We are being told, well if you don't do it right, if you don't make it perfect, if you don't have it, if you don't write your first novel publishable, then you are wasting your time, and that's not true at all.”
-Lisa E. Betz


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Resources Mentioned


  • Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (2021)
  • Illumination Book Awards, gold medal mystery category, (2021)
  • Finalist, historical mystery category, American Fiction Awards (2021)
  • ACFW Genesis finalist, mystery category (2019)
  • Amazon link:


Book Descriptions

Death and a Crocodile (Livia Aemilia Mysteries, #1)
In ancient Rome, sensible young ladies don’t investigate crimes, but Livia Aemilia doesn’t let stuffy conventions stand in her way. When her father is murdered and her innocent brother accused of the crime, Livia and her spunky maidservant set out to identify the killer. Will their meddling expose the culprit or lead them into mortal danger?

A fast-paced mystery set in first-century Rome, featuring a feisty amateur sleuth, a cast of eccentric characters, and a glimpse of the early church.


Fountains and Secrets (Livia Aemilia Mysteries, #2)

Nancy Drew meets ancient Rome. Impulsive Livia is more interested in solving a missing persons case than hiring fresco painters for their new home remodel. But her husband forbids her to get involved, knowing that she could be in extreme danger. Soon their lack of trust in each other leads them to behave in counterproductive ways that threaten their new marriage and personal safety.

Fountains and Secrets, book 2 in the Livia Aemilia Mysteries, is quirky, fast paced, and clever, showing readers that trust and honesty are more important than winning the battle of the wills.

  • Redemption Press, released 12/20/2021
  • 298 pages
  • ISBN:  978-1646456291



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