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May 23, 2022

Jane Marla Robbins, a Finalist for a CAPS Grant in Poetry from the National Endowment of the Arts, is the author of the bestselling Poems of the Laughing Buddha; DOGS IN TOPANGA 2000-2018; and CAFÉ MIMOSA IN TOPANGA (winner, South California Book Publicists Poetry Award).  You can see and hear her read all three books on YouTube. Her poems have been published in many places, including The Cultural Weekly, Thrive Global, and The Scarlet Leaf Review.

Commissioned by the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to write and perform the one-woman play Reminiscences of Mozart by His Sister, she also performed it in Lincoln Center in New York.  Her one-woman play in verse, Miriam's Dance, about Moses' sister, was produced in New York and Los Angeles, as was her two-character play, A RADICAL FRIENDSHIP, about Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rabbi Abraham Heschel, (starring Ed Asner). Jane's best-selling self-help book, Acting Techniques for Everyday Life: Look and Feel Self-Confident in Difficult Real-Life Situations, and its accompanying deck of illustrated flashcards, won the Gold Axiom Business Book Award. Articles on her teaching, as well as her essays, have appeared in The Los Angeles Times.

In New York, she starred in her three-character play, Jane Avril. After its Off-Broadway run, the play was translated into Danish and produced in Copenhagen. Also in the same city, she starred in her Obie-nominated one-woman play, Dear Nobody, which she co-authored with Terry Belanger, and which ran for a year in New York, was produced on CBS for Camera Three, and toured to London and all over the United States. Jane's play, Bats in the Belfry, was directed by Roscoe Lee Browne at the Spoleto Festival, and her one-act, Cornucopia, won the University of St. Thomas One-Act Play Competition

Join me in this episode and learn why Jane is a Kickass Boomer!

[00:01 - 06:48] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Jane Marla Robbins
  • The importance of having fun in life and how it can help you be more confident.
  • Actors must have the self-confidence to be successful and it is not easy to be oneself at 50.

[06:49 - 10:38] Gaining Self Confidence!

  • Switching her careers from playing characters in movies, and television shows to “Being Jane Marla Robbins”
  • Having someone that can help you trigger that self-confidence.
  • Stage Fright: Being afraid is the same thing as being excited

[10:39 - 17:06] Preparing Yourself

  • Feel alive as possible
  • Making sure you’re emotionally accessible: “Being angry won’t make you accessible” – Jane Marla Robbins
  • Include spiritual preparation
  • Relaxing your muscles, so you can breathe.
    • “Just take three deep breaths; Pick up that Yoga book it’s 2,000 years old of technique” – Jane Marla Robbins

[17:07 - 20:40] The Importance of Laughing as We Don’t Do This Enough.

  • Laughter is Healthy
  • Being strong in dealing with emotions,
  • Living fully means being brave and taking risks.
  • Standing for yourself.
  • Jane discusses coaching people for job interviews
    • Showing up as authentic as possible.

[20:41 - 28:01] Do What You Love to Do

  • It will make a difference when you are doing what you love to do.
  • Allowing yourself to vent out.
  • Overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
  • Jane talks about her books
    • Links below

[28:02 – 30:44] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Jane!
    • Links below

Tweetable Quotes:

"When I see children be born, I remember what it feels like to be open to the mystery of life” – Jane Marla Robbins

"When you're doing something, you love to do that will make a difference."- Jane Marla Robbins

Email janemarlarobbins@gmail.comto connect with Sharon or follow her on LinkedIn or visit to learn more about her work.


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