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May 2, 2022

During these times, the importance of having someone who will be there for you cannot be stressed enough. What services and facilities out there are geared toward improving overall health and well-being you might be missing out on?


Today, Linda MacDougal focuses on the older adult population.  She is a senior health advocate and massage therapist, a holistic health practitioner, and a management consultant for caregiving situations.  As a senior herself, Linda is also an advocate for change in the senior living space.  Her background and focus on awareness led to the writing of her book "The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar...A Primer for Massage Therapists and Caregivers".


Linda is a social worker who has worked with elderly clients for many years. She has discovered that many of the common problems faced by these clients, such as falls, lack of mobility, and medication issues, can be improved with the help of specialized care. In this podcast episode, Linda shares her insights on how to provide better care for elderly clients, including tips on how to improve their mobility, massage therapy, and medication management.


Join me in this episode and learn why Linda MacDougal is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 08:51] Observing the Realities of Senior Health Care

  • The importance of massage therapy for seniors and ways that they can benefit
  • Linda discusses some of the issues that she has seen in senior facilities
  • Suggested therapies for improved relaxation and circulation
  • How home care workers have to be observant of each individual client

[08:06 - 20:58] The Importance of a Patient’s Advocate

  • The struggles and considerations when dealing with patients with Alzheimer's disease
  • The value of keeping in touch with clients and their progress or lack thereof
  • Why checking out on your feet is vital to the health
  • Cost calculating, utilizing Medicare benefits, and targeting the lack of support

[20:59 - 44:24] The Advocacy for Better Senior Health Care

  • Considering previous medications and potential side effects
  • Massage for body healing, pain relief, and stress relief for seniors
  • Not having the right nutrients in our bodies can lead to a decline in health
  • The demand for better care and better doctor-patient communication

[44:25 - 45:09] Closing Segment

  • Let’s make a difference in the well-being of our generation
  • Connect with us!
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  • Final announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“They don't want it [treatment] to be part of the routine, but it's important for the people that they say they’re taken care of.” -  Linda MacDougal

“When you don't have your feet supported, you don't have your ankles supported, you don't have your knees, your hips, the whole body is off.” - Linda MacDougal

“You need two people listening because you're not paying attention because you're emotionally involved. So you need a second pair of ears to really understand what the doctor is saying.” - Linda MacDougal


Email to reach out to Linda MacDougal and check out her book "The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar...A Primer for Massage Therapists and Caregivers".




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