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Nov 20, 2023

Meet Rita Wilkins

Rita S. Wilkins is a renowned interior design and lifestyle design expert who delivers high-energy
keynotes that challenge audiences to disrupt their status quo lives and inspires people to shift their
thinking to live with less so they have more time, money and freedom to pursue what matters most to
After traveling to Senegal, West Africa, Rita was profoundly impacted by people who have so little but
were abundantly happy. This experience emboldened a new passion and led her to her own downsizing
journey where she fearlessly gave away 95% of her belongings to people who needed them or wanted
them so she could live a more fulfilling life with less “stuff.” She learned living with less allowed her to
live more. Audiences love her inspirational story and learning her practical strategies they can apply
personally and professionally to reimagine, reinvent and redesign the way they live, work and play.
Rita is the perfect fit to speak to entrepreneurial leaders, senior executives, corporations and their
employees by challenging all those who are steeped in old habits to think differently and re-examine
their relationship to their professional life and personal life. She inspires them to reconnect to a sense of
well-being and a belief that they can have the life they want.
She brings a fresh approach to achieving work/life balance. She has created a framework with her
Signature Blueprint Design Process that shows people how to manage their lives to achieve ultimate
success and satisfaction. The happiest professionals are ones that not only feel productive but also feel
most fulfilled. Her implementable strategies help people maximize their talents, drive productivity to
achieve goals, magnify ROI, nurture relationships and leverage their own skills. Countless audiences have
been inspired and driven to make big and small changes using her framework for professional and
personal success. She shows audiences how to focus on well-being and happiness to achieve a fulfilling
work life and also have a great life.
Rita’s dynamic, transformational speeches inspire, impact and influence people to live the life they
love… design!

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