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Oct 2, 2023

Connect with Delaney Parker

Hello. My name is Delaney Parker, a writer and the author of the sexually charged, emotionally raw erotic fiction, GRACE. My life experiences as a woman, a mother and of having Multiple Sclerosis have given me a view that is unique and refreshing. My writing allows my characters to be themselves with their true feelings. Just like people in life, my characters possess quite layered personalities. Everyone has fine points and flaws, no one is all good or bad. We might find ourselves rooting for the bad guy then realize, it’s because we relate.

People should know that although Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic illness, those of us who dance with it are more than our pain. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis myself fifteen years ago, I am the mom of two terrific kids and the keeper of my ridiculously cute pile of pets. There is triumph after setbacks. We live beyond medical equipment or our prescriptions. See us as more than a patient or handicapped person. In us is a desire to feel whole and respected not despite but inclusive of our adaptations. 

All of us have dreams, desires, goals and hopes, albeit they may be different for each person. We have obstacles to do our best to overcome and find acceptance with ourselves for who we are inside . Even when I can no longer dance, I will feel the rhythm. And, I will remember the steps by heart and my heart can still be moved. 

This is why I wrote the new adult novel, GRACE.


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