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Feb 20, 2023

I am a Broadcast Producer, Author, and Speaker who helps fellow Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Creatives grow their audiences & businesses through: • Promotional podcasting & radio broadcasting • Virtual book marketing • Financial independence & spirituality PROMOTIONAL PODCASTING & RADIO BROADCASTING Want to launch your own 12-episode podcast in 30 days? Our team of experts at White Glove Broadcasting can do this for you. We’ll oversee all aspects of the productions - branding, scriptwriting, interviewing, editing, & marketing - and then build out your podcast’s presence on 42 platforms and 67 radio stations. VIRTUAL BOOK MARKETING Are you an author who needs to promote your latest book? I can help with that! • First-time authors: Check out my book Author Podcasting: Be A Stand-Out Guest while Taking Your Book on a Virtual Tour ( to learn the systems needed to market books, programs, and services consistently to podcast hosts and audiences • Experienced authors: Join The 99 Authors Project ( - Answer 13 questions about marketing your book on my podcast, The Janine Bolon Show, and I’ll publish your answers in the upcoming 2023 book, 99 Authors Best Advice. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE & SPIRITUALITY • Explore our current self-paced and group coaching classes here: • Check out one of my 12 books here: ABOUT ME FUN FACTS • I am a serial entrepreneur - I’ve launched 11 businesses (my first at age 10) • A natural introvert, I joined Toastmasters in 1992 - now you can't take a microphone out of my hands • My radio career began in 1982 - I was the host of my high school’s weekly program • I worked as an analytical biochemist in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years • I put myself through the University of Missouri by working three jobs and selling all of my possessions GET TO KNOW ME • Listen to an episode of the Janine Bolon Show: • Book a Virtual Coffee with me here:
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