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Nov 28, 2022

In this conversation, Diane Bruno, a funeral director, and author, shares the story of her many transitions in life. She also talks about the importance of journaling to help you process your emotions and build your legacy. She discusses how journaling can be beneficial for both oneself and loved ones. Diane also tackles how technology has made learning new things easier than ever and how anyone can access information and courses regardless of age or experience. She believes that boomers make great life coaches because of our life experiences, which make us well-equipped to provide guidance to others.


Let’s get to know more about Diane Bruno’s passion.


I am an accomplished communications professional who knows how to craft messages that resonate with their intended audience. With over twenty years of experience in the communications field, I have witnessed it all and have been on the cutting edge of constant change. From the advent of the first corporate websites and intranets and throughout the evolution of social media technologies, all organizations have one goal in common, the desire to speak effectively to their internal and external audience.


I launched my career at DDB Worldwide (part of Omnicom Group), one of the most influential and sought-after agencies in the advertising arena, with a focus on press materials and releases, executive communications, employee engagement, copywriting, corporate social responsibility, and more. The trajectory of my career has been an interesting and diverse migration. From the corporate communications arena to the funeral industry and back around, the one constant that has endured is my passionate love for the written word.


Respect, empathy, clarity, validation, and appreciation need to be a part of every written message. I incorporate each of those into my approach to keeping employees and internal and external stakeholders engaged; they are the principles I live by in every aspect of my life.

Join me in this episode and learn why Diane Bruno is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 10:26] Powering Through the Transitions in Life

  • Diane Bruno discusses the transitions in life that made her strong and resilient.
  • Changes can be overwhelming, but trust the plan set by the universe.
  • Diane recommends journaling as a way to be mindful and more resilient during life transitions.

[10:27 - 19:42] The Benefits of Journaling

  • Journaling can be a way to release emotions and improve mental health.
  • Remembering what was happening at particular points in time can be done through writing at any length of time.
  • There are many different things you can do at any stage of life, and journaling is a great way to plan out your next steps.

[19:43 - 24:15] The Boomers’ Edge on Knowledge and Experience 

  • It's not impossible to learn new things, and keeping up with technology is important if you want to stay relevant.
  • Experience is the foundation of being a good life coach.

[24:16 - 28:44] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Sometimes it's [facing changes] not by our own choice, but the universe has a plan in place, and all these transitions happen in clusters, and that can be really overwhelming.” - Diane Bruno

“By journaling, you get to really see where you've been, what your successes have been, what you're most proud of, and what's kind of missing, you know, what you would like to pursue, so it's a great way of tapping into yourself. It is a great way of planning out the future because there is a future, and there are so many different things you could do with so many different stages of life.” Diane Bruno


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