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Jun 6, 2022

Spyder Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition for Optimal Health, BSBA East Carolina University) he strongly suggests health and fitness become priorities for everyone. He is a 1957-issued geezer who lives in Florida a world-traveled old geezer from Deep South USA. He offers a light-hearted approach to baby-boomer fitness, while focusing on the discipline and motivational aspects. Making it fun is critical. There are literally a million books that focus on exercise and nutrition. Most offer quite mundane reading. his story (book) simplifies it down to the basics - Let’s Eat Right & Exercise. It's an extremely simple concept that people tend to over-complicate. It can be viewed as FUN instead of work. Just as splash his book with entertaining 12-word poems, numerous motivational/humorous drawings, and fictional stories about the bumbling womanizer Zarkoff Zucchini - people can do the same to their fitness program. Use some common sense, minimize and prioritize your life, apply some dedication and discipline, take a long-term view of the process, and get out there and do it!  

In this episode, Spyder reminds listeners that money isn't necessary to live a happy and healthy life. He also shares some great insights about how to have more fun in life. The speaker recommends reading humorous books and spending time with friends. She believes that more fun would be beneficial for everyone, including the elderly. He also discusses the benefits of dancing, walking, and volunteering. Spyder insists that getting off the couch and moving is the key to longevity.

let’s hear him!

[00:01 - 08:58] Dancing is a great exercise for older adults

  • Spyder Johnson is a certified personal trainer and author of "Let's Eat Right and Exercise: An Entertaining Senior Fitness Guide."
  • He suggests that getting fit for seniors is a simple process that can be done with common sense and a focus on healthy eating and exercise.
  • Spyder recommends avoiding processed foods, sugar, and salt, and emphasizes the importance of incorporating healthy fats into one's diet.
  • Dancing is a great exercise for older adults
  • The key to staying fit as we age is to gradually increase our activity levels, starting with small goals.
  • For women, common sense is key when it comes to fitness; men tend to injure themselves more easily.
  • Exercising can be done in a variety of ways, including walking, dancing, and street exercises with weights.
  • Stretching is also important for keeping our bodies flexible and injury-free.
  • How to Survive a 96 Year Old's Day


[08:59 - 22:13] It’s Not Just Doing Physical Exercises but Diet as Well!

  • Sypder recommends eating right, exercising, and drinking water to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoiding the TV and getting second opinions when going to the doctor.
  • Humor is important when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Eliminating processed foods from one's diet can make a big difference.
  • Carbs are not the only bad thing; protein and fat are also important.
  • European Culture Keeps You Moving
    • Europeans walk a lot and eat better than Americans
    • Europeans don't watch TV all day


[22:00 - 32:47] Closing Segment

  • Terry shares about moving to a village to live more a natural lifestyle.
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Tweetable Quotes:

“Just stay active and pick something and have fun and do it, eat naturally. Just don't, over-complicate it, it's not a difficult thing to comprehend you don't, just eat right.
Use common sense, and exercise and just realize that it’s a long-term thing”

– Spyder Johnson

“I put more emphasis on walking than anything because you learn that when you're a baby. So just get out there and start walking and moving those muscles and get yourself limbered up and then maybe eventually get into some strength exercises with some little dumbbells and really, I'm a big advocate of just staying flexible.”

– Spyder Johnson

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