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Feb 14, 2022

Our Kickass Boomers of the Day are Dave and Dara Feldman. Together, they started their organization, Virtues Matter, to combine their skills and passions and positively change as many lives as possible across sectors.

Their main goal is to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to bringing others joy, meaning, and purpose. They also developed the free, easy-to-use app called, Virtues Cards, which serves as a guide to develop upright character and, ultimately, help people become their best selves.

Join me in this episode and learn why Dave and Dara are Kickass Boomers! 

[00:01 - 02:48] Opening Segment

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
    • Here’s what to expect in this episode
  • Dave and Dara Feldman reveals the services that Virtues Matter offers

[02:49 - 12:33] The Role of Love in One’s Life

  • How love plays a role in our lives according to Dave and Dara
  • Dara explains the science behind love
  • Dave tells us why we should practice loving ourselves more

[12:34 - 22:48] How Virtues Can Help a Person Grow

  • How does the Virtues Cards App work?
  • The word that should replace “stubborn” when talking with a child
  • The practical steps to incorporating virtues into our lives

[22:49 - 32:20] What Boomers Can Do For the Community

  • Dara shares their experience in utilizing virtues in an educational setting
  • Here’s an example of how boomers can contribute in their communities
  • Boomers and young people can still work together
    • Listen to Dave’s story

[32:21 - 37:32] Where a Simple Acknowledgment Can Bring Us

  • The simple act of acknowledging the good in other people goes a long way
    • Here’s how
  • What we can learn by immersing ourselves in different cultures
  • We talk about the Boomer Love Playlist

[37:33 - 42:59] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Dave and Dara!
    • Links below
  • FREE resources from Dave and Dara
    • Links helow
  • Final announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“When you love something, if you have something you love to do, or you love someone, you just feel right…it even physically and emotionally just uplifts you in a lot of ways.” - Dave Feldman

“When we share positive messages, it helps to strengthen us, strengthen people we're talking to and even the plants and animals around us.” - Dara Feldman


Resource mentioned:


Email and to reach out to Dave and Dara. Visit Virtues Matter to learn how to practice virtues for your personal growth!

  • GRAB A FREE COPY of the book, The Heart of Education, here.
  • DOWNLOAD the Virtues Cards App here.




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