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May 6, 2024


Jean describing her book of poetry “Sandprints At Ebbtide”   I hope the readers of “Sandprints at Ebbtide” will find these poems, songs and Scripture passages a source of faith and inspiration in confronting the painful life lessons of aging, loss, perceived failures and even death, both for themselves and those they love. Faith guides us to a place of comfort and peace as we reach for meaning and consolation. These poems explore my personal life challenges in the light of God’s grace and redemption. Mother Julian of Norwich summarized all this for me in her still timely quote centuries later, “All shall be well, and every manner of things shall be well.” And St. Paul reminds us that “He whose power is at work in us, is powerful enough, and more than powerful enough, to carry out His purpose beyond all our hopes and dreams.” * The poems, Redemption I and Redemption II launch us into these themes which continue to unfold throughout. It is my wish that you discover joy, meaning and purpose in each and every one of your life lessons.   Link to buy Jean’s 2 books:

Last Thursday, April 19th, 2024 I lost my best friend of almost half a century, Barbara Price Negro.  In the midst of my grief and pain, I wrote a poem in her memory, which I would like to share here with my FB friends. 


In Memory of Barbara

Somewhere on the other side of the veil

Beyond that mysterious Golden Gate

A party is happening, a gala celebration

A time of music and dancing, and the

Merriment of reunited loved ones.

There is the tinkling laughter of many angels

And joyous bells chiming everywhere

All because someone special has arrived

Even as we mourn our loss.

We need to have her back

But far above they are chanting her name.

Our view is not the same.

Dearest Barbara, now safe in the arms of God, we say

As we treasure your memory

A floral bouquet of love in many blooms

And many ways. 

We will not forget you

Memories of you in ever present contemplation

Your life with  a loving commemoration.

By best friend of almost half a century, Jean Petersen, 'Til we meet again.


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