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Oct 30, 2023

Solo Episode

Connect with Terry Lohrbeer as she celebrates her 3rd Anniversary as a podcaster and host of Kickass Boomers

A massive Thank You to all of my guests over the last 3 years and to my loyal audience.

Some of my favorites & audience favorites over the years were:

1 favorite was Bobby Rydell in Ep #21 & a replay #79 Bobby Rydell was a teen idol when I was growing up and we grew up in the same city of Phila. Bobby shares lots of stories of living in  South Philly and his long singing & entertaining career.

Two Gold Medal winners:

Laura Eiman Ep61 & replay Ep95 Laura won a Gold Medal at 63 in Olympic Weightlifting and is now a Mental Toughness Coach.

Carol Cooke Ep151 is from Australia and she is a 3x Gold-Medalist in the Paralympics  with multiple sclerosis

Ep 9 & Ep 99 was Myra Berg and her surfing partner both in their 60's and they continue to tandem surf.

Ep81 with a fellow podcaster James Gardner of Your History Your Story where he interviews children & grandchildren of famous people from history.

Three Age Activist:

Ep134 Hunter Leonard from Australia owner & founder of Silver & Wise

Ep84 Kathrine Etsy , 87 yrs, Activist for Aging Well

Ep80 Kathleen Sinclair 77 yrs, her book - F#ck Aging

Ep147 with Beatrice Bruno- The Drill Sergeant of Life

Ep140 Julis Linn - Childhood diabetic to Sexy Senior

Ep139 Gramps Jeffrey shows us how to build better relationships with your grandchildren

Ep137 Trisha Gallagher manifested a trip to Boliva, South America just by asking the Universe. Learn what she did

Ep122 Grandmapreneur -Inventor & Author Connie Inukai

Ep118 Joey Drolshagen tells us Boomers can still find their Passion

Two Actresses

Ep107 with Mariann Aalda who played DiDi Bannister from an  ABC soap opera

Ep150 Mia Altieri who co-wrote "There's A Dead Girl In My Yard"

Ep116 Doug Stebleton- Filmmaker & Documentarian

A shout out to my International Listeners and the Guests I've interviewed from  countries around the world including:

Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Thailand, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Japan & Israel

Thank you to everyone who have made Kickass Boomers such a wonderful success and I look forward to interviewing many great guests as I enter my fourth year of podcasting .

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