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Oct 23, 2023

Connect with Paula Judith Johnson

Authenticity is essential to Romance author, Paula Judith Johnson, especially in the historical romance genre.

“I’m an avid history buff! My late husband, Wayne, and I were involved with many mountain man-era black powder clubs for over 20 years. I’ve carried that excitement and passion with me ever since and often use those experiences when writing about the early 1800s.”

Likewise, she brought her experience of owning and operating an investment and insurance services firm, to her contemporary writing. What she doesn’t know first-hand, she researches online and through personal contacts.

Paula Judith Johnson is the author of esteemed romance novels, such as her historical Sweetbriar, A Love Triangle Romance (a 2020 Book Excellence Awards Finalist) and Brewer’s Betrothal: A Love Triangle Romance (a 2021 Book Excellence Awards Finalist).

Her two contemporary romances are, Starting Over, A Second Chance Romance, Book 1, and Second Time Around, A Second Chance Romance, Book 2.

Fun Facts About Paula Judith Johnson:

While involved in mountain man-era black powder clubs, Paula Judith Johnson regularly participated in shooting reproduction muzzleloading rifles, pistols, and shotguns. She also enjoyed activities that included throwing bowie knives, tomahawks, and spears.

She boasts many competition prizes and is especially proud of placing 1st in woman’s rifle and 1st Overall (rifle, pistol, knife & tomahawk) at a Fort Clatsop Muzzleloaders rendezvous.


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