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Oct 9, 2023

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I used to think that old people died, and other people died, until I experienced multiple significant losses. I was stuck in the pain of grief for years. At times I felt lost, empty, and hopeless.

Lack of the right knowledge, tools and processes meant that I didn’t know how to move forward. Sometimes I wondered what the point of life was.

People around me didn’t know what to say and would often come out with platitudes or unhelpful comments.

During my quest in looking for answers, I explored many avenues. Counselling helped some, but when I discovered an action based step by step process for handling grief, it made a huge difference. It gave me a structured, systematic, and gentle process to discover and then deal with my unresolved grief.

Everyone’s journey is unique. Comparisons are unhelpful. I am passionate about helping others on their grief journey, so they don’t spend years stuck in pain and therapy.

I want to be a beacon of hope, and proof that it is possible to regain your sense of purpose and joy. It is possible to move forward. We only have one life. Get the help you need to make sure it is a life well lived!

You can book a free discovery call on Ghulam's website to learn more about how her programs might be able to help you with your grief.


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