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Jul 31, 2023

Connect with Beatrice Bruno
Beatrice Bruno, WYSIWYG, PGP 
The Drill Sergeant of Life
Cell: (720) 212-9780
Author | Speaker | Ghostwriter | Editor | US Army Veteran

The Drill Sergeant of Life mission is to empower you to be all you care to be on the Battlefield of Life. You can be a Commander in Life! Be Bold and Courageous! God's Got You...






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The Baby Chronicles - Where You Were Before You Were

How to Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What YOU Want Out of Life!

How To Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the PAST!

Chronicles of Grief

Up the Down Escalator: Are You Really Saved?

God Has Prepared the Table! Why Aren't You Eating?


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