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Mar 27, 2023

Russell Mariani's Bio

Russell Mariani is a Health Restoration Specialist. He is the co-founder of The Center for Functional Nutrition in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is a Health Educator and Digestive Wellness expert. He has been in private practice since 1980.  He is the author of two books: Healing Digestive Illness (2006) and Principle Eating: The No Diet Way to Complete Health (2020). Other areas of specialization include: Cellular Regeneration, Detoxification and Cleansing, Redox Signaling and Reverse Aging. Russell has an exceptional ability to bring resolution to difficult to solve health conditions. 


In 1973 Russell was diagnosed with a “medically incurable” inflammatory bowel disease called: Ulcerative Colitis. He chose a path of Nutritional Healing based upon a more traditional approach to organic whole foods cooking and eating and lifestyle. He got better quickly and has been healthy and symptom-free for over 40 years. Since 1980 he has helped thousands of people regain their health through dietary and lifestyle improvements through classes, seminars, retreats and personal consultations.  He is passionate about teaching others how to be and become more proactive in their own self-care…  

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