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Dec 12, 2022

Richard Rieman, “The Audiobook Wizard,” is an acclaimed authority on audio and video self-publishing. He has narrated and produced hundreds of Indie-published audiobooks. He is the author of the Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing, “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation”. Richard is a Gold Medal National Ben Franklin Independent Book Publishers Assn. (IBPA) Award Winner for Audiobook Nonfiction, an Audible Approved Audiobook Producer, and a 5-time winner of the EVVY Award for audiobook narration and production. Richard is a former guide and racing instructor for visually impaired skiers, a volunteer narrator for Learning Ally; and a member of the Audiobook Narrators of America, the Audio Description Network Alliance, and the Audio Description Project.

Join me in this episode and learn why Richard Rieman is a Kickass Boomer! 


[00:01 - 07:01] Making Books Accessible for Deaf and Blind Children

  • Started in radio and transitioned to narrating for audio books
  • Being inspired by a friend to do rich audio descriptions of pictures
  • Broadcasting videos for free for blind, deaf and neurodiverse children
  • Selecting books that feature children with differences 

[07:02 - 13:10] Creating Audio Description Books Accessible 

  • Audio description books is good for all children 
  • Starting a nonprofit organization for the purpose of giving back  
  • Getting the moniker of “Audiobook Wizard”
  • Finding support for the work he is doing 

[13:11 - 24:34] Closing Segment 

  • Doing audiobooks for charity 
  • Read to your children and grandchildren
  • Seeing the rise of audiobook listeners 


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Get the audiobook of “The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation" by clicking here


Tweetable Quote:

“Read to your children, read to your grandchildren. That is the most important thing. And then start early. Start when they're three or even two.And just read these story books to them.Open up these worlds that exist beyond the four walls that they live in and have them love books.” - Richard Rieman



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